Scholarly Work and Teaching


Billies, M. (2021). “How/Can Gestalt Therapy Promote Liberation from Anti-Black Racism?” British Gestalt Journal, 30(1), pp. 31-38.

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Producing Bodies, Knowledge, and Community in Everyday Civilian Struggle
over Surveillance


Associate Professor, Mental Health and Human Services
Behavioral Science and Human Services Department
Kingsborough Community College of the City University of New York

CUNY Graduate Center Psychology Faculty (joined 2017)


Summer 2020, Socio, Cultural, and Linguistic Foundations: Mental Health Counseling in the Time of Coronavirus and Black Lives Matter+, Brooklyn College of CUNY

Spring 2019, Critical Race Scholarship: Theory and Pedagogy CUNY Graduate Center,Co-taught with Dr. Soniya Munshi, Fellowship through the CUNY Graduate Center Futures Initiative

Spring 2017, Fueling Critical Race Scholarship and Undermining Whiteness in Academia

Ongoing: Principles of Interviewing and Group Leadership (taught using principles of Multicultural Counseling), Kingborough Community College of CUNY

Ongoing: Supervised Instructional Experience in Mental Health, Field internship with Flatbush Tenant Coalition. Kingborough Community College of CUNY

                                          Conference Presentations

“Responding to Securitization in Everyday Life.” The Aesthetics of Otherness Conference.  Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy/ European Association for Gestalt Therapy Joint Conference. September 23, 2016, Giardino-Naxos, Italy.

“The Right to Research: Low Income LGBTGNC (Gender nonconforming) Responses to Nonprofit and Government Violence.” Balancing the Voices of Justice Conference. LaGuardia Community College of CUNY. May 2016. New York, NY.

“Black Fugitivity and Queer Genocidality.” Affect Theory Conference: Worldings, Tensions, Futures. October, 2015. Millersville University, Lancaster, PA

“Low Income LGBTGNC (Gender Nonconforming) Struggles over Shelters as Neoliberal Public Space”
May 2, 2015. Toronto, CA
Critical Ethnic Studies Conference

“Surveillance Threat from a Gestalt Perspective”
February 15, 2015. New York, NY
New York Institute for Gestalt Therapy Monthly Presentation Program

“Interrupting Paranoia, Acknowledging Threat: Examining Struggles over Surveillance using an Intersectional Phenomenology”
September 14, 2014. Asilomar, CA
Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy, 12th Biennial International Conference

“Stop and Frisk as a Site of Struggle over Moral Exclusion and Inclusion”
June 21, 2014, New York, NY
International Society of Justice Research 15th Biennial Conference

“The Affective Capacity of Blackness”
Co-presenter: Colin Ashley
October, 2013. New York, NY
CUNY Graduate Center, Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Workshop on “Theory”

“Critical Psychology as Process in a Neoliberal Context”
Co-presenters: Rachel Liebert and Akemi Nishida
May, 2013. Santiago, Chile
International Society for Theoretical Psychlogy 15th Biennial Conference: Dialogue and Debate in the Making of Theoretical Psychology

“Surveillance Threat as a Site of Raced and Gendered Struggle over Shelter and the City”
July, 2012. Windsor, England
British Psychological Society, Psychology of Women Section Annual Conference

“’She Has the Right to Roam’: Negotiating Provocative Policing”
June, 2012. Charlotte, NC
Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (SPSSI) 9th Biennial Conference: Changing Socieites

“Let Me See Your ID: Surveillance Threat as a Site of Struggle”
June, 2012. New York, NY
John Jay College, CUNY 10th Biennial Conference: Global Perspectives on Justice, Security and Human Rights

“Bodies, Spaces, & Protest: What Critical Social Psychology & Geography Have to Say to One Another”
February, 2012. New York, NY
Association of American Geographers Annual Conference

“Writing Blackness Beyond the Subject: Thoughts on the Body, Space, and Emerging Capacities”
Co-Presenter: Colin Ashley
May, 2011. Urbana-Champaign, IL
University of Illinois, International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry

“Generative Discomforts: The Possibilities of Marginal Spaces within Feminist Psychology”
Co-Presenters: Kendra Brewster, Rachel Liebert, Akemi Nishida, Puleng Segalo
March, 2011. Philadelphia, PA
Association of Women in Psychology Annual Conference

“Spatialized and Embodied Threat: Queer Negotiations of Homonormativity”
Co-Presenter: Colin Ashley
April 2010. Washington, DC
Association of American Geographers Annual Conference

“On the Piers and in the Shelters: Queer People of Color, Public Space, & Managing Homonationalism”
Co-Presenter: Colin Ashley
April 2010. Washington, DC
American University, Reinstating Transgression Conference, Co-Presenter: Colin Ashley

“Low Income LGBTGNC People Building Community, Resisting Discrimination and Violence”
August, 2009. Toronto, Canada
Co-Convener, “Does Oppression Mean Damage?” Panel
American Psychological Association Convention, SPSSI, Division 9

“Gendered Identity Documents and Other Low Income LGBTGNC Struggles”
August, 2009. Toronto, Canada
American Psychological Association Convention, Women’s Division 35

“Gendered Identity Documents and Other Struggles in the Lives of Low Income LGBTGNC People”
May, 2009. Urbana-Champaign, IL
University of Illinois, International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry

“Girl, I’ll House You: Gender, Culture, and Healing in Struggles for LGBT Economic Justice”
Co-Presenter: Kagendo Murungi
February 2008. New York, NY
Teacher’s College, Winter Roundtable on Cultural Psychology and Education

“Social Oppression and Privilege: Habitual Interruptions in the Field”
November, 2004. St. Petes Beach, FL
Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy Conference

“White Women, Race, and Class Privilege.”
June, 2002. Stony Brook, NY
SUNY Stony Brook, How Class Works Conference

                                           Grants, Awards, Fellowships

Achieving The Dream: Presidential Fellowship for the Advancement of Equity and Inclusion. Kingsborough Community College of CUNY, 2021-22.

PSC-CUNY Grant, 2020-21: “The Right to Housing in Flatbush: Rent Stabilization, Gentrification, and Brooklyn Housing Court.” $11,980.

PSC-CUNY Grant, 2014-15: “Empathy in Action: Community College Mental Health Students as Future Welfare Workers.” $5,933.50

BROOKLYN PUBLIC SCHOLARS, 2013-2014.  “Community College Students Develop Multicultural Counseling Competency.” $500

INTSITITUTE for RESEARCH on the AFRICAN DIASPORA in the AMERICAS and the CARIBBEAN, 2012-2013. Dissertation Fellow. $5,000.



REGULAR GRANT, 2010. Graduate Center Doctoral Student Council, 2010-2011. “Bodying in Queer Theory and Politics,” QUNY: LGBTQ Student Group Speakers Series. $1,230.

VISIONARY FUNDS GRANT, American Psychological Foundation, 2008. “Free to Be Who I Want to Be:” Low-Income LGBT People Challenging Criminalization Research Project. $5,000.

SPARKPLUG AWARD, Sparkplug Foundation, 2007. “Free to Be Who I Want to Be:” Low-Income LGBT People Challenging Criminalization Research Project. $4,928.

APPLIED SOCIAL ISSUES INTERNSHIP, Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues, 2007. “Free to Be Who I Want to Be:” Low-Income LGBT People Challenging Criminalization Research Project. $2,415.

American Psychological Association, 2007.  “Ambassador/MORE (Mentoring/Outreach/Research/Experience) Program.” $4,800.

COMMITTEE ON ETHNIC MINORITY AFFAIRS GRANT, American Psychological Association of Graduate Students, 2007.  “Latino/a and Caribbean Psychology Speakers Series.” $500.

GRADUATE CENTER of CUNY, 2006-2009, University Fellowship

LEOPOLD SCHEPP FOUNDATION, 1993-1995, Graduate Scholar


October 14, 2021. Session Co-Convener, with Peter Santiago: “What’s Race Got to Do With It? Critical Race Theory and the Fight Against Erasure.” 2nd Annual Black Lives Matter Teach-In.

2012-2021. KCC Department and Campus-wide committees.

December 1, 2011. Conference Planner.  Growing Up Policed: Surveilling Racialized Sexualities.  Joint video conference held at the Graduate Center of CUNY and the University of Oregon at Portland.

2010-2012. Co-Chair,  QUNY: The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Chartered Student Organization

2011. Admissions Committee. Social/Personality Psychology Program of the Graduate Center of CUNY

2007-2008. Coordinator. Ambassador/MORE  (Mentoring/ Outreach/ Research/ Experience) Program,” Social/Personality Psychology program

2006-2007. Coordinator. “Latino/a and Caribbean Psychology Speakers Series,” Social/Personality Psychology program of the Graduate Center of CUNY


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